Omni Sandbox Login Instructions

These instructions assume you signed up for the Omni 101 course and you were granted access to the Omni test environment. If so, you should have received a link to this page.

  1. Server information

Test Server:
(use your VUnetID and ePassword to log in)

2. Complete the exercises

Go back to the Omni Exercises page ( and complete the rest of the tasks. Skip down to the “After You’ve Received Access” section.

3. Submit your work

Refer to the “Almost Finished” section of the Omni exercises page for the submission instructions to have your work reviewed.


Training Course Information

These instructions are included in case someone finds this page and doesn’t know the training process. You will need to signup for the Omni 101 course in Oracle Learning before you will be granted access to the Omni test environment.

The Omni training process:

  1. Sign up for the Omni 101 course in Oracle Learning

  2. Watch the Omni 101 course videos (takes ~30 min to watch all the videos)

  3. Follow the ticket submission instructions in Chapter 11 to request access to the test site.

  4. Log into the Omni test environment and complete the exercises (takes ~30 min to complete)

  5. Submit a ticket for your exercises to be reviewed. Include departmental website with a site contact information to verify your access included.